Nokē Smart Entry

Automated security for your self storage unit

Temperature Controlled
Moving Carts Available
Interior Entry

Convenience and Security

Our self storage units are equipped with Nokē smart entry

KEEP.Rentals is founded on security, it’s even in the name! We know that security is ever evolving, and it’s moved from a simple lock to complete automation. We never want to fall behind the curve, so we use Nokē.

Nokē locks work with your smartphone, opening the front entrance or unlocking your self storage unit with only the press of a button. Nokē means not having to worry about forgetting your key, or having it stolen.

It’s That Easy!

How to use Nokē

  • Tap a button in the app to open the front entrance
  • Approach your self storage unit with your phone
  • Your Nokē controller light will turn from red to green
  • Unlock in your app with just a button
  • Never hassle looking for keys again!

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